Silver lining: 5 New Residential Construction Trends To Make our Homes Better After COVID

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It is no surprise the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has had an immediate impact on how we live, communicate, shop, and even spend time together. Some of these changes will pass, but it is possible that in a few years from now, when we look back at 2020, we may agree that the current circumstances have also brought innovations that have made our lives better and our homes healthier. The future of home construction trends certainly upholds this theory. We are already seeing changes in what our clients are interested in including in their luxury custom homes and what solutions the industry is offering:


We’ve had an endless emphasis on hand-washing, sanitizing surfaces, and how germs are spread. This knowledge is now a constant reminder that viruses, and not just COVID-19, are always lurking out there.

A fixture in our homes (literally!), Delta Faucets offer many options with both their Touch20® and VoiceIQ™ Technologies. You can turn your faucet on and off by using voice commands such as “Ask Delta to turn on” and “Ask Delta to turn off” as well as touching the faucet anywhere on the spout or handle to start and stop the flow of water, so no matter if your hands are full or your finger are dirty, your faucet will help keep the germs away.

In terms of appliances, many high-end models offer handle-free technology, where you can also use an elbow or knee to open these appliances, reducing germ spread. Premium brands like Thermador and Dacor offer such options, as seen in the refrigerator and warming drawer we feature in one of our latest homes.

In addition, a home automation system, like Control4, allows the homeowner the benefit of automatically setting the lights to turn on when you arrive home, and to be able to control some components of their home like automatic window shades, thermostats and even door locks, from your smart phone.


Real Estate agents are already reporting that homebuyers are willing to pay more for homes with updated air quality and filtration systems. There are quite a few options for single room air purifiers on the market, but if you’re planning to build a new home, a whole house air filtration system might be something worth inquiring about.


Drop zones, also called entryways or mudrooms, are places where you can literally drop your stuff when you walk in the door. These spaces are often found by garage entrances. Drop zones will be an essential place to keep un-sanitized items from entering the house, such as shoes and backpacks.

When you build a Providential Custom Home, you get to meet with the cabinet makers and choose the best design for your mudrooms.



No doubt this has been one of the biggest changes in our lives. Between kids doing online school and adults working from home either full or part time, the need for more workspace has changed the layout of many floor plans, resulting in either larger square footages or maybe even multiple home office spaces.


Since we’re all looking for ways to stay safe, healthy, and entertained at home, this could lead to more playful living space options in new homes. Game rooms are being used again as well as media rooms.  Another popular request lately is the addition of exercise rooms. The extent of these rooms can range from a simple spare room with a stationary bike to more specific requests like specialty flooring, mirrored walls and steam showers. The backyards are also getting a makeover to host more social distancing gatherings or just to make room for spending more time outdoors with the family.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless as each new challenge pushes us towards innovative solutions in home design. At Providential Custom Homes, we help our clients design their Dream Home according to their unique lifestyles. The owners of the company will personally help you conceptualize, design, and construct each home in such a way as to meet your specific needs and desires. Call us at 817-724-7777 or visit us at our Model Home in Colleyville for more information.

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