Who We Are

Greg Wright, founding member of PCH, began working in the construction industry in a cabinet shop in Smithfield, Texas in 1975.

Greg started his career as an independent, self-employed Framing Contractor in 1978 and spent the following 12 years mastering the art of Wood Frame Construction. During his Framing career, Greg successfully constructed over 400 high-end custom homes for some for the top Custom Home Builders in Tarrant County at that time. After spending some time buying, renovating and selling existing fixer upper homes, Greg moved on to become a Custom Home Builder in 1993.

In 1997 Greg partnered with his brother Mark to form Wright Designers and Builders which operated successfully for 9 years before teaming up with now Co-Owner of PCH, Ty LeBlanc to form Providential Custom Homes.

Our History

Ty Leblanc, co-owner of Providential Custom Homes, entered into the industry in 1998 with a local home builder.

Ty LeBlanc began his home-building career working in On-Site Sales for a prominent local Northeast Tarrant Custom Home Builder who also gave Ty the opportunity to try his hand at Project Management and started him on his way of becoming a Custom Home Builder himself. Ty built homes on his own for a few years before teaming up with Greg to form Providential Custom Homes.

Providential Custom Homes is now a thriving and successful home building company because of the synergy and effort of the entire Providential Team and these dedicated home building professionals.

Fueled by a Passion to Serve Both God and People

Our Team

Isaac Wright

Director of Business Development

Isaac joined the team full-time after earning his associate degree in construction management from a local community college. Having grown up in and around custom home building his whole life, Isaac developed a passion for this business at a young age. Isaac is a refiner and a maximizer who strives to continually pinpoint opportunities for growth and improvement. What he loves most about this business is the opportunity to take a piece of land and turn it into a beautiful, well-built home that people will live in for years to come.  

He spends his free time with his wife Victoria, newborn daughter Blakely, and Bear, their golden retriever. He loves the outdoors and enjoys mountain biking, fishing, and a good cup of coffee around a campfire.

Isaac’s relentless pursuit for excellence, alongside a deep rooted desire to build highly crafted homes is what makes him a phenomenal project manager. 

Greg Wright

Director of Business Operations

Greg Wright, founding member of Providential Custom Homes, is a construction industry veteran. He started during high school in 1975 at Parkhurst Cabinet Shop in Smithfield, Texas. In 1978, Greg launched a career as an independent framing & trim contractor and spent the next 15 years mastering wood frame construction while framing over 400 luxury homes for the top local home builders of the day. In 1993 he fulfilled a career goal to become a custom home builder as Wright Designers and Builders, later evolving into Providential Custom Homes in 2006. His dedication to craftsmanship, penchant for detail, exceptionally strong sales skills and extreme passion for the home building industry are strong contributing factors to Providential’s success.

Although Greg has many outdoor hobbies which include old trucks, motorcycles, ATV’s, mountain cabins and a lake house, he finds the most fulfillment in intentionally enriching the lives of other people with his positive influence. Greg is fueled by a burning desire to serve both God and people. His greatest aspiration is to make a beneficial impact in his community through the industry of home building and real estate development.

Greg’s greatest strength is that he cares deeply about details, his homeowners, his employees, and his family.

Ty LeBlanc

Director of Construction Management

With a career originating in the home building industry in 1998, Ty’s journey began humbly with a local custom home builder. Climbing from the ground floor, he absorbed the industry from all vantage points. His first custom build in 2000 fueled an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship. This drive led to the birth of Providential Custom Homes in 2006. His ethos is to exceed expectations and to meticulously navigate challenges for seamless, gratifying experiences. 
Rooted in central Texas, Ty and his wife Jenna embrace parenthood, with 4 grown children and 1 grandchild. Beyond construction, he finds joy in repurposing vintage treasures. He often sources unique and distinctive finds from Round Top, TX for his short-term property rentals. Fueled by dogs, tacos, and backroads, Ty and Jenna love to explore and go on adventures for the latest in architecture and culture. 

Ty’s extensive experience and impressive roster of intricate builds makes him a strong partner and invested project manager. 

Kari Burke

Controller of Accounts

Kari graduated from Sacramento State University with a degree in Construction Engineering & Management (C.E.M.), marking a significant milestone by becoming the first female graduate in C.E.M. in 1993. It was at this point that a profound love for the industry was ignited. Kari was hands-on in the construction industry acting as a project manager, until she realized her aptitude for detail and numbers. For almost two decades, Kari has been the controller and accountant for PCH. She plays a vital role at Providential by maintaining accurate financial records for all Providential endeavors. 

Kari treasures moments spent with family. With 12 grandchildren aged between 9 and 27, family bonds remain a source of immense joy. Kari and her husband enjoy spending their weekends exploring the DFW area, listening to live music, traveling or making memories with her family. She is an avid animal lover. One of her passions is competing in agility with her two Boston Terriers, Beauregard and Bungie.

Kari’s meticulous eye for detail and her deep desire for order make her an essential member of the accounting team.

Dawn McGrew

Accounting & Admin Assistant

Dawn is a versatile member of the Providential team who works diligently in an administration position to serve all facets of PCH. Dawn has worked for Providential for 7 years, making her familiar with several different aspects of the home building industry. She is an assistant to the accounting department, while also actively overseeing administrative tasks during the home build. Her attention to detail and her meticulous care when working with Sub contractors and employees make her a vital team member. 

During her personal time, she enjoys the outdoors, fitness, cooking, painting, and anything crafty. Dawn is an introvert, but she loves time with her family and friends.  

Dawn’s commitment to the company her involvement in each project make her a valuable member of the accounting team.

Joshua Ashworth

Construction Supervision & Quality Control

Joshua’s career in construction began at age 26 and came from a search to find fulfillment in his life’s work. His wife, Taylor, had been encouraging him to dream about what such a job might look like. After some time, he recalls saying to her, “I’m a builder… that’s what I can contribute.” He gained his first job in construction a few months later.

Joshua spent the next 3 years in Arizona working for a top-tier custom home builder. It was there that he realized his passion was a much for the people that he worked for and alongside as it was delivering a beautiful product. Since then, being a builder has meant much more to Joshua than just being responsible for the physical act of construction itself.

On his days off, you are likely to find him in the garage wrenching on different kinds of projects. He enjoys the outdoors in all of its forms. When he can’t be found, he is most likely to be out exploring the Lone Star State with his wife, Taylor. He moved to Texas in September of 2023 and now resides in Northlake, TX.

Joshua’s meticulous eye for detail and his high level of ownership in each project makes him an invaluable team member.

Chad Griffin

Construction Supervision & Quality Control

After a decade as a teacher and coach, followed by another in the fitness industry, Chad sensed a divine calling for change. In December 2018, he transitioned to a project manager role in Florida's panhandle, post-Hurricane Michael, where he confronted the challenges of post-disaster construction. In June 2021, Chad received a life-changing opportunity to return to his home state, Texas, and join Providential Custom Homes. His two-decade connection with Greg Wright's family played a pivotal role, with their children attending school together. Chad also had the privilege of coaching three of Providential’s project managers in high school football. His deep love for crafting custom homes, guiding projects from concept to keys, stems from his artistic background.

Outside work, Chad's been married to Amy since 1996, and they have two children, Cade & Alaina. Yet, Chad's profound passion lies in Yonder Life, a Ugandan ministry he and Amy founded in 2014. Their mission empowers communities and embodies Christ's service.

Chad’s deep investment in each project and his high level of ownership make him a strong yet endearing project manager. 

Bradley Ruiz

Construction Supervision & Quality Control

In his high school years, Bradley started his career by mowing the grass for Providential’s offices and model homes. In college, he built barns and auxiliary structures on the side. After graduating from Texas Tech, he started working with another local builder to develop his home building skills. With a longstanding relationship with the Wright family, Bradley joined the Providential Custom Homes team and hasn’t looked back! Bradley married his wife Mercedes in September of 2022, and he just welcomed his first child, Autumn. In his free time, Bradley leads guided hunts in Eastland Texas. He was fortunate to play college sports, and loves hunting, his family, and Jesus. Bradley is a charismatic project manager who loves working closely with the homeowners to bring projects to life. 

Bradley’s lively personality and his can-do attitude make him a highly valued project manager.

Grady Sisk

Construction Management Coordinator & Oversight

Prior to joining the Providential team, Grady served as the Owner and Operator of Texas Integrity Custom Homes. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Grady led a successful venture in the realm of custom building, demonstrating a deep commitment to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Grady's favorite aspect of the home building process is witnessing the client’s dream home come to life. He is dedicated to creating spaces that reflect the unique desires and aspirations of each client.

In Grady’s personal life, he enjoys quality time spent with his wife, Wanda. You can often find Grady enjoying a ride on his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Grady’s wealth of knowledge and long standing history in home building make him an essential resource for the project management team.

Isaiah Wright

Construction Supervision & Quality Control

As one of Greg Wright’s sons, Isaiah has embarked on an impressive journey within the company, steadily ascending the ranks since the age of 15. His career commenced humbly as a laborer but swiftly evolved into a multifaceted role, encompassing media and photography management. Later, he made a transition into the realm of project management, all while maintaining his commitment to media management. Isaiah's creativity runs deep, and he relishes the opportunity to infuse every project with his distinctive touch. He finds his greatest satisfaction in the ability to manifest his ideas and expressions.

Isaiah has a diverse range of interests: fitness, driving or working on anything with wheels and an engine, competitive shooting, photography, and spending time with family. 

Isaiah is a great member of the project management team because he is a creative thinker and brings lots of laughter.

Amanda Corbet

Design Assistant

For more than ten years, Amanda has nurtured a deep passion for design and has been actively involved in the design & procurement industry since 2019. After relocating from New Mexico, she and her husband, Levi, have established their home in Texas. Alongside her current pursuit of design classes, Amanda holds a bachelor’s degree in biblical & Theological Studies from The King’s University. She finds joy in savoring a cup of tea or fine coffee and finds herself captivated by the elegance of European designs, particularly those with Spanish influences. Amanda serves as a leader in her local church community and is dedicated to helping cultivate strong marriages and families who have a deep love for Jesus. Amanda enjoys hiking trails with her husband and golden doodle, Lucy.

Amanda’s unique eye for design and her willing spirit makes her a valued member of the design team. 

Claire Smith

Senior Designer

Claire graduated from Texas Christian University in 2019, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in interior design with a minor in Architectural Lighting. Before joining the Providential Custom Homes team, Claire gained valuable experience working for a local luxury residential design firm, in addition to 5 years of hospitality and multi-family experience. Her genuine compassion and empathy for people allows her to deeply understand and fulfill her clients’ desires. Her former projects have been featured by Architectural Digest, D Magazine, Raw Interiors, and more. 

In addition to interior design, she actively contributes to her church community and serves as a worship leader during the weekends. Claire spends her free time with her husband Curtis and two dogs, Walter & Henry.

Claire’s background in interior design and her pursuit of design forward thinking makes her a key member of the design team.

Victoria Wright

Interior Designer

Victoria graduated from Texas Tech in 2021 with a degree in early childhood education. However, life had an exciting twist in store, leading her down an unexpected but fulfilling journey into the world of interior design. With a heart full of compassion and a keen eye for detail, Victoria approaches each project with a deep desire to understand the clients’ needs and aspirations. She has found her calling in interior design and for creating beautiful spaces. In Victoria’s free time, she is pursuing a degree in interior design, she serves in her church community by leading worship on the weekends and enjoys spending quality time with her family. She and her husband Isaac recently welcomed a new baby girl into their family.

Victoria’s attention to detail, her high follow through, and her appreciation for approachable design make her a phenomenal member of the design team. 

Nalu Penny

Project Coordinator

Nalu grew up in Brazil and has been in the US for over 20 years. She attended business school at Universidade Federal do Ceara and this is her second time working under Greg and Ty's guidance. After pausing her role to stay home with her kids while they were little, she knew she would eventually come back to work for PCH. Her favorite thing about the industry is the relationships formed along the way. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband Chris, their daughters Sophia and Julia, and their dogs Roxy and Mia, as well as volunteering around town or helping her daughter at the barn with the newest addition to the family: Koda, a 10-year old Thoroughbred. 

Nalu’s deeply compassionate personality makes her an irreplaceable team member who is always working behind the scenes.

Libby Severance

Director of Sales & Marketing

With over 28 years of experience in sales and marketing within the luxury travel industry, Libby channels her creative enthusiasm into helping clients achieve their real estate dreams. She wholeheartedly believes that guiding clients on their journey to design a custom home, one that reflects their unique vision and becomes a place of cherished memories, is a true privilege. When she is not busy with real estate, you'll find her exploring destinations both near and far, creating precious memories with her family.

Libby’s radiant personality and desire to find clients the perfect space is what makes her a strong member of the PCH sales team.

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Every member of our team plays an important role in the Homes we build. If you have a strong work ethic, feel motivated by the challenges and triumphs of the construction industry, and enjoy working in an environment where we are always striving to improve, then we would love to hear from you.

Noteworthy Credentials

Award-winning Builder

Member of the Greater Ft. Worth Home Builders Association

Member of the National Home Builders Association

Member of the Texas Association of Builders

Home Building excellence since 1978

Member of the Certified Master Builder Corporation

10 Year Limited Structural Home Warranty

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These are just a few of the companies that we work with every day. These companies care for the people, the product, and the service they provide just as much as we do.

A Heart for the Community

Our staff embodies the spirit of giving back through their active involvement in several different local and international organizations that we are proud to support. Whether it be investing our resources or our time, we believe that our support amplifies the collective efforts toward a brighter future for all. As we build homes, we’re also building bridges of hope, compassion, and solidarity, both within our local communities and across the world. Below are some of the organizations we support.

At Providential Custom Homes, our dedication extends beyond crafting exceptional homes; we are committed to making a positive impact that reaches far and wide. 

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