Benefits of a Total Home Makeover

You love where you live. You have great neighbors. The kids don’t want to change schools. You have an amazing lot. Your same house new would cost twice what you are paying.

Yet, your house feels dated. Pinterest and HGTV are not much help because let’s face it, while remodeling a bathroom here and another room there sounds more economical the prospect of having to live in a construction zone for months is not at all appealing.

If this sounds familiar, a Complete Home Makeover might be right for you.

What is a Complete Home Makeover?

Also known as Whole House Renovation, it’s the term used when you add, change or remodel 50 percent or more of your living space under one remodeling agreement – as opposed to several remodeling agreements for different projects over a longer span of time.

Providential Custom Homes specializes in larger, un-occupied and more all-encompassing projects like room additions, interior and exterior major renovations. A Complete Home Makeover has many benefits:



As daunting a task as it sounds, imagine having it all done at once. Imagine not having to live in the chaos. Imagine not having to schedule workers when someone is home. You move out, we take care of everything, you move back into a house that looks and feels brand new.


Practicality is not the only benefit. With a Whole Home remodel, you can ensure design consistency throughout, making the transitions from room to room seamless. While standalone rooms like bedrooms can be independently designed, the main areas of the house usually connect and thus it becomes apparent when one area has had a facelift and the others are waiting for their turn.

·        COST SAVINGS: Sure, overall a whole house renovation will cost more than say, a kitchen remodel. But if you were to quote all the separate projects you want done, chances are you’ll be saving a lot when you do it all at once.

Visit our Model Home at 6116 Legacy Estates Dr. in Colleyville so you can see first hand the potential your current house has.

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