Building Trends: Multi-generational living, AKA the “In-law suite”

One of the benefits of multi-generation living is having daily interactions and creating memories

We have been getting more and more requests for “In-law-Suites”. A common occurrence in other countries, Americans have started to see the benefits of being closer to aging parents while being able to oversee their care in a more comfortable and practical way.

 If you are considering multi-generational living, here are some common themes we are seeing throughout the projects we have recently completed:

  • Independent living:

More than just a room for Grandma and Grandpa to stay in, the latest requests have incorporated features like a separate living area, kitchenette, large bathrooms and independent entrances, allowing them privacy and a sense of their own space.

  • One room living:

One of the benefits of the larger lots Providential currently offers is the possibility of building most – if not all- of your living space in one floor. This helps not only with the livability of the house but with resale as well. Having the “fun” areas of the home on the first floor – like Game and/or Media Rooms – creates an inviting atmosphere where the different generations can gather without obstacles.

  • Versatility:

Yet another benefit of an ‘In-Law-Suite’ is that it does not apply only for older parents. Kids who move back after college, guests who need to stay for an extended amount of time or grown children who come to visit for the Holidays with their families might all appreciate the extra privacy and space.

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